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Dr. Huff releases first children’s book

Why the Clown Wouldn’t Smile—celebrating the power of being different. ASHEVILLE, N.C. – The circus is not succeeding. No wonder the clown won’t smile! But a boy on crutches, wearing a funny hat with a green feather in it, has … Continue reading

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Matches for the “Takers”

“The Little Match Girl” is a classic and deeply poignant story by Hans Christian Anderson that touches the heartstrings of all who read it. Whether written simply as a story or as a commanding statement of social justice, Anderson pulls … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Children It was, according to the opening words of Charles Dickens’ famous novel, A Tale of Two Cities, “the best of times the worst of times” Although far removed from the French Revolution, the contrasting scenes … Continue reading

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The Politics of Hunger

Across America, every day of the school week, millions of children will arrive early and go directly to the cafeteria. There, they will have their first meal of substance since leaving school the day before. At the end of the … Continue reading

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Swollen Bellies and Red Streaked Hair

By ordinary measures, the simple sandwiches, washed down with cold water, that were quickly consumed by the hungry medical team, were just that: a simple meal. To the children, crowding hopefully around the open windows of the make do clinic, … Continue reading

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Even today, few people anywhere in the world, who read or hear the inspiring words of the Declaration of Independence, fail to find hope in the bold and courageous statement that calls for “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. … Continue reading

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Grunting Pigs and Crying Children

Only two were left when the new director of the home for orphaned children cleared the shelves in his new office and he quickly passed them along, as a reminder of past history, to a friend. They were well crafted … Continue reading

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Monsters Under The Bed

So, just what is lurking under your bed at night? What monsters with enormous eyes, furry feet and teeth like fangs are waiting to pounce on you? If you have ever been a fan of Calvin and Hobbs, that wonderful … Continue reading

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One Giant Leap for Relief

The famous words of Neil Armstrong, after he set foot on the moon, are a part of the iconic language of modern times and a magnificent tribute to the daring spirit that has lifted so many horizons for future generations. … Continue reading

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Empty Swings

It is too early on a fresh summer morning for the young children to be on the playground so the swings stand empty, stirred only by a light breeze. Later of course, as the sun warms the cool air that … Continue reading

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