…..”tis the Season

From the piped in music at the mall to  the sounds coming through the doors of places of worship around the world, the messages of the season are clearly heard. Joyous songs of faith, lilting lyrics with a holiday flair and the ubiquitous accolades to Santa and his reindeer all collide in a tumultuous, sometimes raucous, announcement that, once again, its time to celebrate.

But celebrate what?

Amid the visits with family and friends, the buying of gifts, the feasting, the holiday parties and a few days of well earned rest, is there more? What about that one commonly used phrase “……peace on earth and good will to men…..” Is there something more of the season in those words?

A small sign in the window of a seldom visited business had something to say about peace. “If you want peace,” the words  announced, “then work for justice.”

Is “peace on earth” tied to a cry for justice that can barely be heard with all those competing sounds of the season filling the air? And is it just possible that the birth of a baby  hailed by hundreds of millions around the world as the “Prince of Peace” in reality is an announcement that there will be no peace unless justice forces its presence into the consciousness of humankind.

Perhaps. But if one chooses to equate the two then there is plenty to do now that will address the birth of every child on the planet.

How about a safe and welcoming place to live, far from the roaring avalanche of the wars that those who never knew or understood justice heap on us all?

A community where all are accepted because that baby whose season we celebrate grew to teach that justice wasn’t selective.

Or perhaps a living wage for work well done so that those who care for the children in their lives can do so with pride and purpose.

Food to satisfy and nourish. Schools where minds are opened and questioning is encouraged. Neighborhoods free from violence and  places where the sign “no smoking” is next to the one that says “no guns!” Clean air to breathe and places to run.

Yes, justice means many things for babies to grow and children to thrive if they are to be surrounded by peace.

“Tis then the season to remember once again that peace on earth begins with the children.






About Olson Huff, MD

Olson Huff is a pediatrician, author, husband, father of three sons and grandfather of four dynamic and growing grandchildren. Often described as a visionary leader and eclectic thinker, his efforts have always been to acknowledge the power, value and delight to be found in ALL children. As a pediatrician he has used his skills as a clinician to provide healing, as an author his words to reveal the spirit of children and as an advocate to plead their case from the state house of politics to the White House of policy changes. His vision is that ALL children will have the very best start in life from their earliest years of development to the brightness of the future they aspire to shape. He believes ALL children have a right to affordable, quality health care, clean and safe environments and homes that cherish their presence.
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8 Responses to …..”tis the Season

  1. Heath Rada says:

    As always, beautiful Olson. And of interest, this was the subject of Peggy, Margaret and my conversation over lunch – using the same quote and trying to decipher all the innuendos. Thank you for this. May the Peace we know is possible through Christ infuse the hearts of our world citizens in ways that allow all children not only to understand it, but to experience it.

  2. Maggie says:

    You would know better than most, Olson, about the children. Always the champion for those who cannot protect themselves. Thank you, Wise Man. A blessed Christmastide, Maggie

  3. Dr Joyce F. Hamberg says:


    Your words are eloquently stated, and the truth in your message is profound. Thanks for sharing this with me.

    You should soon be getting my card in condolence of your beautiful sister, Jeanette. I am saddened that I was unable to attend the celebration of her life, and I am giving a donation to the local Hospice unit in her memory. I am also sending cards to her children.

    I hope that you and your family are well.


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  4. Barbara McLean says:

    Amen, Olson. Thank you for your usual insight and the beautiful way you express your thoughts. Merry Christmas to you and all your family


  5. Mahan Siler says:


    And you told me the other morning that the writing muses have been silent. Not now. Not with these words.

    You make the connection between the joyous peace and the call to justice, never intended to be separated as is often the case. Thanks for always making that connection with your life and words. Thanksl


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