One Giant Leap for Relief

The famous words of Neil Armstrong, after he set foot on the moon, are a part of the iconic language of modern times and a magnificent tribute to the daring spirit that has lifted so many horizons for future generations. Truly, it was “one giant leap for mankind!”

The passage of the Affordable Care Act, dubbed by many as “Obamacare” and the US Supreme Court’s validation of that act as constitutional is another giant leap – especially for children.

Within the framework of that Act, children will have better access to health care, will experience improved quality of care, be provided more extensive preventive health services and will never be denied coverage of their medical needs, no matter the diagnosis.

Although these particulars of health care reform that benefit children may not excite people as much as the words of the first man on the moon, or even gain the support of many who will ultimately gain from them, they are a giant leap of relief.

Millions of young children will now experience relief because they  have easily accessible and affordable health care from competent medical professionals, clinics and hospitals they had no idea was missing. Their parents will now be relieved from the constant anxiety brought on by their inability to pay for care and the worry of not having a consistent place to go for that care.

These may seem like small steps and many who who do not feel that health car reform is needed will ignore them. But for those who have lived in the shadows where their medical care was obtained only in a crisis, the decision of the Supreme Court truly renders them one giant leap of relief.

About Olson Huff, MD

Olson Huff is a pediatrician, author, husband, father of three sons and grandfather of four dynamic and growing grandchildren. Often described as a visionary leader and eclectic thinker, his efforts have always been to acknowledge the power, value and delight to be found in ALL children. As a pediatrician he has used his skills as a clinician to provide healing, as an author his words to reveal the spirit of children and as an advocate to plead their case from the state house of politics to the White House of policy changes. His vision is that ALL children will have the very best start in life from their earliest years of development to the brightness of the future they aspire to shape. He believes ALL children have a right to affordable, quality health care, clean and safe environments and homes that cherish their presence.
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  1. Beautifully written.
    Thank you for being our spokesperson.

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